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Getting a Licence

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To get your Learner Licence in the ACT - you must complete the Road Ready Course and Knowledge Test. If you would like to read information in Chinese - please download file at the bottom of the page.

   Learner Course for more details on the courses and to see course dates

The ACT Licencing system will be undergoing some changes in the coming months.  GLS (Graduated Licencing Scheme) reforms will be implemented by 1 January 2020. For more information, please visit  http://justice.act.gov.au/safety_and_emergency/road_safety

Frequently asked Questions

How do I book a Road Ready Course? Bookings can be made by entering details in the Course Quick Search at the top of the screen or by contacting one of our Road Ready Centres …… contact us

I did not/could not do the Read Ready course at school, or, I am not school based, what can I do? Most ACT secondary schools offer the course as part of the year 10 program. For those who have already left school the course can be taken at a Road Ready Centre. …… contact us

Where do I go to do the course? The course is conducted at venues in Mitchell and Phillip…… contact us

How much does it cost? The course cost is $187.75 this includes:

*Please note: All of our Road Ready offices are CASHLESS*

  • Road Ready Workshop (10 hours)
  • ACT Road Rules Handbook
  • 4 attempts at the road rules knowledge test

When are the courses run? Courses are conducted during weekdays, evenings and weekends. …… more details

What happens if I fail the course? You must undertake the course again….. for more information on what is expected of you on a course

How old must I be before I can get my learner licence? You must be at least 15 years and 9 months

How much does a learner licence cost? A learner licence comes complete with a Road Ready pack, the pack consists of four handbooks, including a logbook and a set of 'L' plates. For Prices visit   Access Canberra

How long are my Road Ready Course and Knowledge Test Certificates valid for? Both Certificates are valid for 2 years. If an applicant fails to obtain their learner drivers licence within 2 years of completing the Road Ready Course, they will be required to retake and successfully complete the Road Ready Course and Road Rules Knowledge Test before their learner licence will be issued.

Expired ACT Learner Licence holders are only required to undertake and pass the Road Rules Knowledge Test again.

I hold an overseas licence?  Full overseas licence holders are not required to undertake the Road Ready workshop, just complete a Knowledge Test

Does the Road Ready Course assist in passing the Road Rules Knowledge Test? The course does not cover the Road Rules Knowledge Test, practice questions are available on this site.

Does the Road Ready Course assist in obtaining a NSW learner licence e.g. Queanbeyan No, NSW have a totally different learner and provisional licence system to that of the ACT.

I want a Learner Motorcycle Licence: 

To obtain your ACT learner motorcycle licence you must:

  • be at least 16 years and nine months old
  • successfully complete a Road Ready Learner Licence Course, including a computerised knowledge test on the ACT Road Rules unless you already hold a driver licence
  • undertake a government approved rider training course with  Revolution Rider Training - www.revolutionridertraining.com.au