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Interstate Learner Licence

I have an interstate learner licence what do I need to do to transfer to an ACT learner licence?

  • A learner licence is not transferable. If you are 17 years of age, have a current interstate learner licence and have held a learner licence for at least six (6) months, you are permitted one (1) practical driver assessment with an ACT Government licence examiner.
  • If the learner licence is not current or if you fail the assessment you will be required to undertake and pass the RoadReady course and knowledge test and obtain an ACT learner licence.

Where do I book to undertake a practical driver assessment? To book a driver assessment, contact one of the Access Canberra Connect Shopfront and the practical driving test can be booked.  The practical driving test can be booked at any location or over the phone but the driving test is only completed at the Dickson Motor Registry or the Tuggeranong Service Centre.

I have held an interstate learner licence for more than six(6) months and failed the practical assessment, after I do the RoadReady course and knowledge test, do I have to wait six months before I can go for my provisional licence test again? No, provided that you have proof that you have held an interstate licence for six months or more, you will not be required to wait the normal learner licence period.