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One on One Learner Course

A One on One is the learner course for those that may have difficulties attending the mainstream course.

  • Anxiety
  • Learning difficulties
  • Disabilities
The course is broken down in to smaller sessions that allow the learner to go through the course at their pace.

The Road Ready One on One program is offered to special needs participants. It is a condensed version of the mainstream program, covering the key concepts and is aimed at harm reduction. It includes a session aimed at helping participants understand the road rules.  Sessions are conducted with the facilitator and a support person if needed.
The Road Ready One on One program also provides individual support for participants during the Road Rules Knowledge Test. This involves overcoming literacy, numeracy and technology barriers as well as providing support for participants with test anxiety or social issues. This support does not compromise the integrity of the test.

The facilitator adapts the program delivery to suit the needs of the participant. Adapting the program can include:

  • meeting at times suitable to the participant
  • changing the location of the sessions
  • shortening the sessions
  • having breaks during sessions
  • reading and writing for the participant (they must come up with the answers)
  • not showing crash videos (for sufferers of road trauma or participants who cannot cope with the topic)
  • including work at home
  • using various aids to assist learning
  • having a carer present
  • having extra sessions to cover the content and road rules  

We can also offer an assistance with the knowledge test if you have already completed the mainstream course.

If you would like someone to you contact to discuss further or book an initial appointment please use the enquiry button below or call the office our friendly staff will be able to help.