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P OFF Course

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The Road Ready Plus or P...off course has been designed to support new drivers through a critical period in their driving.

The course is optional to all new drivers and motorcycle riders under the age of 26 and is only available to you after you have held a provisional licence for at least 6 months.

*Please note: All of our Road Ready offices are CASHLESS*

The course cost is $91.75. The course involves small groups of new drivers meeting together and participating in a 3 hour facilitated discussion workshop around the experiences of driving. Talking through things that come up in your early months of driving can be helpful - not only to yourself but to others.

Before attending the course, participants are required to complete a log of the driving behaviour of other motorists over a three day period. Full details will be provided to you once you have booked your place on the course, a copy can be downloaded by selecting the pre-course activity button above.

After successfully completing the Road Ready Plus course and presenting your certificate to and Access Canberra Service Centre to have your licence endorsed with a PC or PB condition, you will no longer have to display your P plates. Your demerit points allowance will increase from four to eight points. You will need to allow 2 working days before attending an Access Canberra Service Centre, where you will be issued with a new licence at no extra cost. Your new licence will be endorsed with 'P Plate NOT displayed'. When you have your licence endorsed your demerit point allowance will automatically be increased.

Frequently Asked Questions

After getting my provisional licence, how soon before I can do the Roadready Plus course? At least six (6) months after obtaining your provisional licence.

I am under 26 and have both my car & motorcycle provisional licence. Can I do the P Off course and stop displaying after 6months and receive the extra 4 demerit point allowance? Correct.

I am over 26, what can I do to remove my P plates? Provisional licence holders aged 26 years or older are not eligible to attend the course. However, 6 months after obtaining their licence they are automatically given an increase of 4 demerit points for their demerit points allowance and they will no longer be required to display 'P' plates. You must first attend an Access Canberra Service Centre before removing your P's.

I am under 26 and I have a full car driver licence but have a provisional motorcycle licence. I have previously done the P Off course for my car licence so will this now apply to my motorcycle licence? Once you have held you motorcycle licence for six months, so long as you go to an Access Canberra Service Centre and have your licence endorsed (PC or PB) to say you are no longer required to display the P Plate on the motorcycle then you won't have to display the P plate however, you will not receive the 4 extra demerit points due to having a full car driver licence.

Due to traffic infringements, I have reached my demerit points allowance. If I do the P Off course before I pay the fine and receive a letter of suspension, will I get the increased 4 demerit points allowance (which is awarded upon completing the course) and be able to keep my licence? No, your licence conditions at the time of offence is noted and if your demerit points allowance at that time was 4 points, your licence will be suspended regardless of whether you attend the course or not. However, if you complete the course, your demerit points allowance will be increased to 8 points and the P plate can be removed from your vehicle when your suspension period is completed, as long as you have completed 6 months of continuous driving. The course can be undertaken during a suspension period as there are no practical driving components in the course.

For more information go to: http://www.roadready.act.gov.au


On-line bookings can be made by selecting the book now button at the top of the screen next to your preferred location. All available course dates are displayed, a Visa or MasterCard payment is required at the time of booking.

Telephone bookings can be made by contacting North office 6103 0463 or South office 61090152 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-12pm. A Visa or MasterCard payment is required at the time of booking.

In person bookings can be made by visiting Road Ready Centre North office, 4/54 Hoskins St, Mitchell or Road Ready Centre South office, 70 Dundas Court, Phillip, Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-12pm. An EFTPOS or a Visa or MasterCard payment is required at the time of booking.


Cancellations without 48 hours notice will incur a $50 Fee. All refunds are issued via the same method paid except cash when a cheque which will be forwarded to you within 2 working days.